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California Motorcycle Accident Law

We Know the Law

Who better to handle a motorcycle accident case than an experienced rider who understands the law?

At the law firm of Owen, Patterson & Owen, you will find a team of lawyers with more than 30 years of experience helping motorcycle and other accident victims in Southern California. You will find lawyers who have just as much experience riding bikes as they do with the law. You will find lawyers who care about their fellow cyclists. You will find lawyers who you want to represent you.

$178,000 Settlement: While stopped for a red light, a man riding a Harley-Davidson Shovelhead was rear-ended by the driver of a car. The accident left him with a bulging disc in his back. Our knowledge of California motorcycle accident law allowed us to obtain a $178,000 settlement without setting foot in the courtroom.

At our law firm, we know California motorcycle accident laws. Our lawyers know how important it is to act quickly, as certain cases — such as accidents involving government vehicles — have relatively short time frames in which to file a claim.

We also know the unique laws that apply specifically to motorcycle riders, such as the ability to split lanes. While drivers must remain between the lines, cycle riders can ride on the lines. Unfortunately, negligent drivers may cause a cycle crash by not realizing that motorcyclists can pass them on the lines.

Our team also handles cases involving state helmet laws. We know how to take action against businesses that sell novelty helmets without making it clear that those helmets will not function properly in the event of a crash.

We know motorcycle accident law. We know how to help motorcycle accident victims who have suffered anything from head trauma to broken ribs.

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