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Construction & Road Hazards

What Happens When the Road Causes a Crash?

At the law office of Owen, Patterson & Owen, we believe that roads should be just as safe for motorcycles as they are for cars and trucks. Unfortunately, that isn't always the case. Hazards that might not have any impact on other vehicles may cause a serious motorcycle accident.

With more than 30 years of experience serving the legal needs of people in Southern California, and just as much experience riding motorcycles, out attorneys are committed to standing up for the rights of cycle road hazard accident victims.

$1.1 Million Settlement: An off-road motorcycle rider died in a fatal car accident on a cliff where other riders had previously lost their lives. The landowner knew of the hazard, but failed to put up a guard rail or post warning signs. Without having to go to court, our lawyers obtained $1.1 million in compensation for the victim's family.

Our attorneys are able to represent clients in all types of motorcycle accidents involving road hazards, including construction zone accidents. These types of accidents may include obvious dangers, such as unmarked holes or construction vehicles moving into traffic. They may also include hazards that would only impact motorcyclists, such as uneven blacktop or slippery dividing lines due to improper painting.

At our law firm, we have the strength to take on any opponent. Frequently, in motorcycle accident cases involving road hazards, the opponent is a city or state.

We are able to get results because we do not back down. Instead, we make it clear to our adversaries that we are serious about obtaining results. We will show them the work that we put into these cases. We will make it clear to them that if they do not provide a fair settlement, we will take the matter to court. We will get results.

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