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Motorcycle Off-Road & Stunt Riding

Exciting Is Not the Same as Dangerous

In proper situations, stunt riding and off-road riding can be thrilling. With proper training, well-designed gear and the appropriate setting, riders can safely push the limits. Unfortunately, if one of those factors is missing, it can result in a serious motorcycle stunt accident or dirt bike crash.

At the law firm of Owen, Patterson & Owen, we have more than 30 years of experience standing up for the rights of dirt bike crash and off-road accident victims in Southern California. We have just as much experience riding cycles. We are committed to getting fair compensation for accident victims.

Large Confidential Settlement: A motorcyclist competing in a dual sport ride was killed by a car at a point where the off-road trail crossed a major highway. Our lawyers obtained a fair settlement for the victim's family without having to bring the matter to trial.

At our law firm, you will find attorneys who know how to handle dirt bike crash and off-road motorcycle injury and death cases. We know because we are also avid dirt bike riders. We know firsthand about the hazards riders face.

We are able to take on cases involving negligent riders who crash their dirt bikes into other riders. We can handle cases against property owners and event promoters who fail to provide a safe setting for dirt bikers. We can even take on the manufacturers responsible for putting defective motorcycles into the hands of riders.

From cases involving head trauma to those involving broken bones, we know what to do to pursue positive results for dirt bike crash victims. We put together strong cases. We do the investigation. We bring in the experts. We make it clear to the opposition that if they fail to provide you with full and fair compensation for your injuries, we will resolve the matter in the courtroom.

Start With a Free Consultation. Call us at 800.676.5295 or send us an e-mail to schedule a meeting to discuss your dirt bike crash or off-road motorcycle accident case with an experienced attorney.