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Motorcycle/Truck Collisions

We Help Victims of Cycle and Truck Collisions

The law firm of Owen, Patterson & Owen has more than 30 years of experience serving accident victims in Southern California. We will use that experience to pursue compensation for you, compensation that includes:

  • Medical Expenses
  • Pain and Suffering
  • Lost Wages

Our attorneys have a unique perspective when it comes to representing motorcyclists, because we have just as much experience riding motorcycles as we do in the courtroom. We understand the motorcycle lifestyle. We understand you and we care enough to fight for you.

$650,000 Settlement: A semi truck driver lost on the Interstate 5 and 405 junction cut off a motorcycle rider. The highly experienced motorcycle rider was sucked under the trailer and run over by the rear wheels, suffering serious injury in the accident. Our lawyers didn't even need to go to court to get $650,000 for the victim.

Truck drivers have unique regulations that they need to follow. Unfortunately, they often take shortcuts because they want to get as much work done as possible so they can get paid as much as possible. Often, they spend too many hours on the road and get fatigued.

When a negligent truck driver is in an accident with a motorcycle rider, the damage to the motorcyclist is almost always life-changing. No matter what the result of an accident was, our law firm is dedicated to helping bike crash victims.

Our attorneys know how to investigate motorcycle accident cases. We understand the importance of looking through the truck driver's records to prove negligence. You can be confident in our ability to build a strong case that is designed to get you the compensation you need.

Start With a Free Consultation. Call us at 800.676.5295 or send us an e-mail to schedule a meeting to discuss your truck and motorcycle accident case with an experienced attorney.