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Splitting Lane Accidents

We Help Victims of Motorcycle Lane Splitting Crashes

In Southern California, it is perfectly legal for motorcycle riders to split lanes. Unfortunately, many drivers of other vehicles are not aware that motorcyclists are allowed to drive between lanes of traffic. Because they don't know about it, they don't look out for it. That's when cycle accidents happen.

At the law firm of Owen, Patterson & Owen, we have more than 30 years of experience holding negligent drivers accountable for accidents caused by their ignorance. We will strive to get you fair compensation for a motorcycle lane splitting crash.

Voted Number One Personal Injury Law Firm: Our Southern California neighbors, the citizens of Santa Clarita, have voted our law firm number one. They have acknowledged our commitment to getting results for victims of car and motorcycle collisions and other accidents, a commitment that has helped us get millions of dollars in compensation for victims.

Motorcycles are small vehicles. As such, the law allows them to actually ride on the line that divides lanes. While doing so, they rely on the drivers around them to pay attention. When other drivers don't pay attention, they can swerve into the path of motorcyclists or hit them on the side, causing a severe motorcycle lane splitting crash.

Because motorcycles are smaller than automobiles, and provide less protection to riders, the victim of a lane splitting accident can be left with anything from serious head trauma to broken bones. Our lawyers are committed to helping all victims.

At our law firm, we know the hazards that motorcycle riders face on a daily basis. We know because we are motorcycle riders as well as attorneys. We care about our fellow motorcyclists. We care enough to fight for results that matter.

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